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The Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a police officer, then you will need to meet certain requirements. At we will discuss the basic qualifications that you must meet in order to pursue a career in law enforcement. We will also provide information on the hiring process and what to expect once you become a police officer. So if you are wondering how to become a cop, read on!

The first thing you will need to do if you want to become a police officer is to obtain a high school diploma or GED. You will also need to be at least 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s license. In some states, you may also be required to have completed some college coursework or have military experience. Once you have met these basic requirements, you can begin the process of applying for a position with your local police department.


The hiring process for police officers can vary from department to department, but there are some general steps that you can expect to go through. The first step is usually taking a written exam, which tests your basic knowledge of law enforcement procedures and laws. If you pass the written exam, you will then be invited to participate in an oral interview. The oral interview is usually conducted by a panel of police officers and is your opportunity to demonstrate your communication and people skills.

After you have completed the hiring process and have been hired as a police officer, you will need to complete a training academy. The length of the academy will vary from state to state, but it typically lasts between six and twelve weeks. During your time at the academy, you will learn about topics such as criminal law, traffic law, community policing, and self-defense. Once you have graduated from the academy, you will be sworn in as a police officer and will begin your career protecting and serving your community!